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With two  decades of unclaimed property consulting experience, our professionals have served businesses from across a diverse range of industry sectors, including healthcare, banking, financial services, broker-dealers, oil & gas, energy, real estate, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, education, transportation, and retail. Our goal is to provide reliable unclaimed property consulting and sound advice based on insightful analysis, to help clients make effective business decisions.

We can be your partner of choice to design and implement an efficient and adaptable unclaimed property compliance and due diligence processes, stay compliant with regulatory governing agencies or design new technology solutions to innovate with speed and agility.

Our services include a comprehensive range of education, training and consultation to help identify gaps and  opportunities in your unclaimed property reporting. We also offer  a suite of quality products that will help you get there quickly and smoothly. That’s how we ensure your success.

A company is only as strong as its executive leadership, and we know that earning client trust is a business imperative.  Instead of telling clients what they need to do, we actually listen to our clients – and act on what we learn. Our clients know we care about them, and put their needs first.

“It’s not the tools you have faith in–tools are just tools–they work, or they don’t work. It’s the people you have faith in or not.”  ~ Steve Jobs, Apple


Executive Leadership

Experienced, Trusted Unclaimed Property Consulting

Samantha has 25 years of diverse and dedicated unclaimed property experience, and is a recognized authority and trusted business adviser for bringing companies into compliance with their unclaimed property reporting responsibilities. Samantha has represented many Fortune 500 companies with unclaimed property audit defense, quantifying unclaimed property exposures, identifying successor liabilities through M&A deals, voluntary settlements, training, and identifying planning opportunities and process improvements to address unclaimed property at the root cause.

Samantha began her career in industry at FedEx Corporation in Memphis, TN where she was instrumental in implementing the company’s unclaimed property reporting processes, as well as drafting comprehensive policies and procedures. In doing so, Samantha holds the distinction of being one of the first to fully implement and integrate the Tracker™ reporting software with the company’s existing ERP systems. Samantha has extensive experience in the use and implementation of various unclaimed property reporting systems and the development of unclaimed property policies and procedures customized to meet a company’s needs.

With over 20 years in public accounting, Samantha has extensive experience in helping companies assess unclaimed property exposures related to ASC 450 contingencies, ASC 250 corrections and ASC 606 revenue recognition standards. Samantha has worked closely with both internal and external auditors of her clients for proper accruals and financial statement disclosures. Samantha has experience in many industries including healthcare, telecommunications, life insurance, manufacturing, entertainment, oil & gas, utilities, financial services, multi-level marketing, logistics, real estate and retail.

Prior to founding The Petersen Group, Samantha served as the West Region Unclaimed Property Practice leader for a Big Four public accounting firm where she was responsible for strategic planning and overall practice growth and development.