The Petersen Group, LLC

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Our Experience

The Petersen Group has over 25 years of diverse and dedicated unclaimed property and state and local tax consulting experience. Founder and CEO, Samantha Petersen, is a recognized authority and trusted business adviser who has helped many Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies come into compliance with their unclaimed property reporting responsibilities. 

Our professionals have extensive experience with unclaimed property consulting, training and planning opportunities designed to address unclaimed property at the root cause. We seek to help businesses find efficiencies through data automation, process improvements, maintaining contact with property owners, and retaining the proper records to minimize risks under future audit.

Why The Petersen Group?

We take a more innovative approach to unclaimed property consulting and compliance. Our objective is to help businesses understand and manage their unclaimed property reporting responsibilities through education, training, data management and record retention. 

After 25 years in the unclaimed property and tax consulting profession, we decided to take a new approach to helping our clients. Now, we passionately share our experience through more diligently educating and training businesses, including ways to use data and technology to minimize unclaimed property exposures. 

Businesses are their assets, so our approach is to identify and capture the requisite data elements needed to establish reporting eligibility in accordance with each state's requirements. By properly demonstrating contact with property owners, businesses can better keep their assets under management!